The 3 Most Confusing Ice Hockey Violations

As I’ve tried to make the transition from roller hockey to ice hockey everything seems pretty straightforward, except for the penalties listed below. Those who are used to playing sports like basketball will find it especially difficult to resist cutting to the net immediately after a teammate gains possession.

Offsides diagram


This penalty occurs when both skates of an offensive player cross the blue line (into the attacking zone) before the puck does. Notice how the player at the bottom of the diagram crosses the line before the puck does. If only his stick or one of his skates crosses the line, there is no penalty. In addition, once the puck leaves the offensive team’s attacking zone, all players must be either in or behind the neutral zone (area between the blue lines)

Icing Diagram


When a player sends the puck down to the opposing side from behind his side of the center red line and it crosses the red goal line, and a member of the opposing team (besides the goalie) touches the puck, it is icing.  If an onsides offensive player gets to the puck first, no penalty is called. Also if the goalie leaves the net to retrieve the puck, the penalty is waived off. Finally, if a team in understaffed because of a power play, they can send the puck to the stronger team’s zone without being whistled.

Two Line Pass Diagram

Two-Line Pass

From his own defensive zone behind the blue line a player may not pass to a teammate who is on the other side of the red center line. This rule was done away with in the NHL in 2005, but some leagues still enforce it.

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