"T" Stopping On Inline Skates

Difficulty: Intermediate. Once you have perfected your turn stop, you might start practicing T Stops. Named after the 20th letter of the alphabet because of the way your feet are positioned, this move works well for reducing speed.  To execute a T-stop, lean slightly over your front foot and drag your rear foot so the inside wheels are grinding behind you (yes, this will wear down your wheels). You might notice one foot feels better as a lead foot, while the opposite feels better trailing. That’s perfectly normal. Once you get it with one side, be sure to continue practicing on the less comfortable side. You will be a much more versatile skater if you do. I like to use a T-Stop when I am approaching the puck and don’t want to come to a complete stop, just make a minor adjustment.  So, if you are looking for a maneuver that will bring you to a quick halt, this is not it. For a demonstration and explanation, watch the video below:


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