Stopping On Inline Skates: Turn Stops

Difficulty: Beginner. The turn stop (sometimes called a spin out or spin stop) can be used to slow yourself down at just about any speed.  It will not shred you wheels and can be practiced on any surface.  A properly executed turn stop will leave you facing the opposite direction which can be especially useful for hockey. You can explode out of them and get going in the direction you want.  At first, when you are learning how to turn stop you might need a lot of room, but as you get better you won’t need much space at all.  Watch the one minute video below to learn how to do a turn stop:

After you master your turn stops, learn how to do a T-Stop.


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  1. Anonymous said on October 8, 2010

    Thanks! Helped a lot. Trying to use that to help me.

  2. Will said on February 13, 2012

    Try and use more precise terms when describing how to position your feet in the turn. Seeing is always good, but matching what I’m seeing with what I’m hearing will help with that rote memorization in helping to repeat, through both visual and auditory memory, the move during drills in what eventually becomes muscle memory. Saying “kinda’ out like that” doesn’t help, but when you mentioned keeping your legs wide it does. I’m not a professional inline skater by any means (actually, it’s the opposite – I’m watching the video trying to learn the move) but I do conduct training with individuals or groups (both small and large) fairly often, and the better able you are to vocalize an action, the more receptive your audience will be.

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