Hockey Breakout Strategies

standard hockey breakout
Adapted from a similar diagram on Dukes Hockey

A standard hockey breakout will look something like this. Notice the defenseman (D2) has three options for a pass. While D1 holds his position in front of the net, all other players will skate towards the area behind the net. This keeps them on the move, making a pass more difficult to intercept because D2 won’t have to make a long pass to a stationary forward. When every team member understands his role, the puck can quickly be moved to the opposing zone for the attack. Of course, this isn’t the perfect breakout strategy and there are exceptions. For example, if D2 is getting double teamed, D1 could float down behind the net for a pass, while the center covers the goal. This is just something to go off of if you aren’t sure what to do. I know when I first started playing ice, I had no idea.

  1. Make sure you have control of the puck before moving into position. You do not want to turn it over in transition.
  2. Know your position – Spread out the ice. Help out as needed.
  3. Move the puck quickly by making smart passes. Keep your head up, stay calm, and look for the open man.
  1. Pass the puck in front of the goal. You don’t want to give your opponent an assist.
  2. Carry the puck out of your defensive zone. The puck can cover more ice than your fastest player.
  3. Congregate in the corner. It’s called a “break-out” not a “close-in”
  4. Wait for the puck to come to you. Instead, approach the passer to give him an easy target.
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  1. Anonymous said on November 21, 2010

    your a butt plug dude. how many times have u played "ice"? dont teach the game if you don't no it u tool.

  2. Keegan said on November 23, 2010

    Yeah, you're probably right. I should be telling players to pass the puck in front of their net, try to dangle their way out of the zone, and bunch up. What was I thinking?

    If the NHL teams could only hear your coaching tips through the TV, I'm sure they would play better hockey. Sorry I don't "no" the game as well as you. When I need a coach I'll be sure to look for the jersey that says Anonymous on the back.

  3. Trevor said on January 11, 2011

    I lol'd. Nice post, better response.

  4. Jamie said on February 23, 2011

    Thank you for the information! Very Useful!

  5. Anonymous said on March 6, 2011

    Sounds about right dude. Good job. Not sure who the angry comment was from. Must not have gone pro.

  6. Name said on November 14, 2011

    I was thinking the first guy shouldn’t be speaking english if he dosen’t know how. “don’t no” I think “know” was the word you were looking for there.

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