How to Powerslide on Rollerblades

Difficulty: Advanced.  So the previous posts on turn stops and T-Stops made you yawn, eh? If you’re looking for something that might be a little more challenging, powerslides might be just the medicine. Think of a powerslide as a one-footed hockey stop. The sliding leg is fully extended and the non-sliding leg will bear most of the skater’s weight. The non-sliding foot will end up pointing the opposite way the skater is sliding. A powerslide will bring you to a quick halt without having to change directions.  Like the other stops, one side will probably feel easier than another, but learning it both ways will make you a better all-around skater. Here’s how to do them:


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  1. Anonymous said on November 24, 2010

    Thanks very much. It can't tell u enough on how useful this technique is to me. I am in my early learning phase. I already had quite a bad accident with skates, but I have been working on it lately.

  2. Dean said on January 23, 2011

    Thanks for your tips. I just broke my nose a few days ago trying to transition from forward to backward on the ice. Got my weight too far forward and did a faceplant…oh well….lesson learned. I now have a CCM helmet w/ facemask. And learned to keep my weight more centered rather than forward when doing the turn.

    • Boris said on March 29, 2012


      Your first problem is that you are using rollerblades on ice. 😉

    • Name said on November 13, 2017

      the powerslide is diffrent on the ice.

  3. Skater99 said on February 19, 2013

    This stop is very useful and quick to learn, took me one hour, my roller hockey coaches could not teach better than this, been playing for 5yrs now and use this ATP all the time, thxs Keegan lets see some more quality vids.

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