How to Repair Hockey Skate Laces

hockey skate lace repairAre the laces of your skates are frayed so bad you’re having trouble inserting them into the eyelet? That’s how mine were, and for a long time I just dealt with it. Then I came across this website all about shoelaces. One of the articles described different methods for repairing worn, damaged or missing tips. Turns out there’s a name for those hard plastic things on the end of your laces. They’re called aglets. Who knew?

Luckily I had recently completed a wiring project on my car so I had about 8 feet of 3/16 heat shrink tubing laying around. This diameter happened to be the perfect size for my laces. I cut a half inch piece of the length and slipped it over the tip of the lace. Using a heat gun a warmed the tubing until it fit snugly over the lace. Now the laces are good as new.

Laces don’t usually cost more than $5, so for some it might not be worth the cost and trouble. However, if you already have a heat gun, and a reason to buy heat shrink tubing, this is a very handy fix.

Here’s a video showing how I did it:


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