A Guide to Buying Hockey Skate Wheels

With so many different types of wheels on the market, it’s hard to know which wheels are the best for hockey. Some brands I’ve used in the past are: Labeda, Hyper, and Kryptonics and I’ve had good experiences with all of them. I’ve also never paid more than $5/wheel.Width is standard for pretty much all wheels, so don’t worry about that. Changing your wheels will probably feel a little different and might take some getting used to, so don’t give up on them right away. Over time you will get a sense for how much traction you like, but you may need to experiment a little. To help narrow down the search, refer to the chart below.

Example Best for Hockey Why
Diameter (Size)
hockey wheel diameter Larger (76mm-80mm) Although larger wheels are slightly less stable, they are more efficient for speed. Compare the wheels of a BMX bike to those of a road bike. Be sure to check your chassis to make sure it will accommodate a larger wheel size.
Profile (Shape)
hockey wheel shape Narrower A wheel with a more rounded shape is a better choice for hockey because it provides an edge similar to an ice hockey skate. A rounded wheel improves maneuverability and makes it easier to execute the sharp turns hockey demands.
hockey wheel hub Solid Playing hockey requires quick movements, jerks, and pivots that put a lot of stress on the wheels. If the core is weak the wheels can crack when a move is executed. Be careful when purchasing recreational wheels. They have a similar profile to hockey wheels but literally aren’t “hardcore” enough for hockey.
Durometer (Hardness)
hockey wheel hardness Depends Durometer is measure as an A rating and there is no right answer for what you should  choose.  It really depends on the surface your playing on. A harder wheel will last longer but sacrifices grip.  Follow these guidelines to start. Asphalt: 82A-84A; Smooth Concrete: 78A-82A; Indoor: 74A-78A.

After purchasing your new wheels be sure to keep them rotated to get the most life out of them.


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