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There is no other shot in hockey that enters the net with more velocity than a hard slapshot. A blazing slapshot can be one of the most difficult shots to defend simply because it is so hard to follow. A wicked slapshot can also be very difficult to master and may require a lot of practice. You may have tried to work on your slapshot only to find it has a little more slap than shot. This can be frustrating, but don’t give up. Like any other skill, it can take time and patience to develop. Since I feel my slapshot still needs some work I thought I would pass the torch to fellow blogger Jeremy of to explain some of the key points you might be missing. Take for example this nugget of wisdom:

Loading the stick…is where…the power…comes from. When lining up the puck put it about two – three feet in front of you and about [two] inches behind your front skate. When taking the shot you want the blade of the stick…in the middle of your stance, this gives your stick time to flex… remember to stay low and trust your stick, you need to throw most of your weight (the more the better) onto your stick. This will allow you to increase the power on your shot without the huge windups. 

If your having trouble picturing what should be taking place, the full post contains helpful images and video so you can see exactly what you should be doing. Also, to echo what Jeremy said, make sure you are utilizing the full flex of your stick. If you aren’t sure what to use, see my previous article on how to determine stick flex. The article goes on to cover other key element such as:

  • Where to position your hands on the stick
  • Puck location
  • Where to focus your eyes when you shoot
  • What hand you should lead with
  • Where your stick should end up on the follow through

No matter how good this advice is, it is merely a starting point for practice. Don’t expect that after absorbing this information you will burn a hole in the net on your first try. Practice, practice, practice. Good luck, you’ll be shooting rockets like Fulton Reed in no time.

[How to take a slapshot] How to Hockey


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