10 Tips for a Better Slapshot

Wild About Hockey blogger JL explains 10 tips that helped him improve his slapshots. As I have mentioned before, slapshots are definitely not my strong point, so I am always looking for coaching wherever I can find it. Tip 3 in particular was something I needed to have pointed out.

Keep Wrists Cocked and Locked
When your hands are in place, roll your wrists over to close the blade and lock them there. You don’t want the energy of the weight transfer and stick loading going into your wrists and not the puck as you will risk injury. And an open blade will caram the puck off to the side. Keep the blade closed at impact and the wrists locked.

Before, I hadn’t really noticed it, but when I was winding back I was rotating my wrists and turning the blade of my stick in. Then when I would bring it forward I was having to turn the blade back out so it would square up to the puck. What a waste of energy! I still think the best way to improve your slapshots is to have an expert watch closely while you demonstrate your form, however, this isn’t always an option. Check out the entire post and see if there isn’t a tip in there you can use.

Ten Tips for a Better Slapshot [Wild About Hockey]


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  1. Jeremyinc said on April 4, 2010

    Nice post Keegan, good find. I'm starting a slapshot challenge soon, the official launch will be in a week or so, but you can sign up for it right now to get the inside scoop! Check it out here Slapshot challenge

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