Tie Skates That Won’t Come Untied

Next time you are done lacing up your skates, take a look at the knot. Take a look at your shoes for that matter. Right now! Go ahead. Are the loops perpendicular so they form a “plus sign” or does one side run sideways down towards the bottom? Examine the image below. Do your bows look like the ones on the left or the ones on right?
skate lacesIf they look like the skate on the left I am betting your laces sometimes come untied and you wear them out quickly. If this is the case, don’t worry, there is hope! It wasn’t until about one year ago I noticed my shoes were sometimes coming untied and I did not have perfect bisecting laces like some of my knot savvy peers. The fix? Changing the first step of my knot to be left-over-right instead of right-over-left. That’s it! Reversing my direction resulted in a perfect overhand square not instead of a shameful granny knot. Now my skates stay tied and I can focus on more important aspects of my game.


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  1. John said on December 12, 2011

    Try Ian’s Secure Knot from this website. Very secure, still unties with a very firm tug on the ends.

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