5 Ways to Cope with a Loss

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Losing sucks. Some may even argue the lows of losing exceed the highs of winning. Whether or not that’s true, we all will suffer a loss at some point. Even the 92-93 Pittsburgh Penguins couldn’t keep their hot streak alive forever. Here are five ways to handle a loss.

1. Accept Responsibility

The game’s over. Sure, the refs missed some calls. Yeah, you got tripped. The other team’s player was in the crease when they scored their winning goal. Not all game’s are going to go your way, but rarely can you blame those factors entirely for your loss. Suck it up and acknowledge that your opponent did something right. Crying about it will only make it worse.

2. Examine Yourself

A loss can be humbling.  Humility makes you teachable. Examine what you and your team could have done better. Use your loss as an opportunity to re-dedicate yourself to improve a skill.

3. Maintain Sportsmanship

When it’s all said and done, shake hands and go home. There’s no reason to hold a grudge. With the exception of those few rare instances, nobody intends to be malicious. The heat of the moment breeds uncharacteristic behavior. Cool down, and get over it. Nobody likes a sore loser.

4. Acknowledge Defeat

What factors were within your control? If you got outplayed, you got outplayed. Sometimes your best isn’t good enough. Don’t be too hasty to switch up positions or recruit players. Make sure you are all playing to the best of your ability before you make a drastic change.

5. Move On

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to do something else. Go out with friends, play video games; anything to keep busy. Laying there like a dead slug feeling sorry for yourself will only worsen the blow. Distract your mind by staying busy.


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