Are You Tracking This Important Stat?

When trying to improve as a hockey player many of us track statistics such as goals, assists, speed, and accuracy. While focusing on these factors is important, they will all suffer when the body is not properly rested. Getting enough sleep ensures not only gives your muscles a chance to recover, but it helps your mind be more alert. Slow reaction time and sluggish movements aren’t what you want in hockey, and that’s exactly what happens when you are physically exhausted.

Would you believe an NHL team was able to show a direct correlation between hours slept and games won? Through in depth analysis, the Vancouver Canucks were able to determine the role fatigue was playing in their performance on the ice.

With so many different metrics to measure the team’s effectiveness, who would have known the answer was as simple as getting enough sleep? What about you? Does getting enough sleep affect how you play? Thumbnail image by John Koetsier.

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