One Company Controls Several Major Hockey Brands

It’s probably not who you think. In my mind this company has always been known for soccer, but hockey?

I recently learned that Adidas owns Rbk Hockey. Yeah, where was I when that happened? According to Reebok’s historical timeline, Adidas acquired the brand in January of 2006. They must not have made a big deal out of it. Go back a few years in the timeline and you’ll see that in 2004 Reebok bought out The Hockey Company which included the brands CCM, Koho, and Jofa.

Oh, and here’s another one. In 1990, Bauer bought Cooper. Then, in 1995, Nike bought Bauer but let go of them in 2008. Shortly after that, Bauer acquired Mission who also happened to own Itech.

To summarize, Adidas owns Rbk, CCM, Koho, and Jofa. Bauer owns Cooper, Mission, and Itech. Small world, eh?

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  1. Brian(TBLfan) said on December 18, 2012

    Adidas owns Reebok, CCM, Koho, Jofa
    Bauer owns Cooper, Mission, Itech
    New Balance owns Warrior, MIA, Montreal
    Sherwood owns TPS
    Vaughn owns Eagle, Canadian Tackla

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