One Dollar Lace Bite Pads

My Bauer Vapor LE inline skates don’t have much life left in them, so I really have to crank down on my laces. Finally, my poor feet could no longer take the abuse. My feet looked like they’d been bound in shackles and I didn’t want anyone asking questions. I looked into retail lace bite pads but the price scared me off.

Then I stumbled on a pad of a different sort. A mouse pad.

It took a little trial and error to get the sizing right, but eventually I found the right fit. The dimensions are roughly 4″ x 2 ½”. You can see from the photo I gave them rounded edges. Just for looks. When “mounting” the pads, I arranged them so the rough side was facing the tongue and the smooth side was against my socks. They’re not perfect, but I can definitely claim an improvement.

I’ve noticed a lot of the new skates, the Bauer Supreme One60s I use on ice for example, have padding sewn into the tongue to prevent this problem. If the padding your skates provide still isn’t enough, you might give this little trick a try.

For more ideas on preventing and curing lace bite, Built for Hockey has a few good suggestions.

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  1. Scott said on July 18, 2012

    Nice idea. I’ve done simillar; taking the tounges out of old skates and using them underneith the tongues of my new skates.

  2. Ben said on April 4, 2013
    Those prevented my lace bite, which was really, really bad. Highly recommend.

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