Privacy Policy

Like so many other websites that you visit, uses Google Analytics.

Google Analytics provides detailed reports of how visitors (like you) interact with this site.

What Kind of Info Does It Keep Track of?

  • Where visitors are coming from
  • How long they stay
  • Which pages get visited most
  • What browser they are using
  • Other stuff like that

What Do We Do with That Info?

We use the information to find out where your local rink is, so we can attend your games and heckle you until you cry. But seriously, the data is helpful to us because it shows us where we need to improve. If visitors aren’t finding the content they search for, pages can be adjusted for clarity. By knowing which articles are popular, we can publish more of the same.

In May of 2011 our site underwent a complete overhaul and many of the decisions made were based on how we could better serve our visitors.

Note: No personal information is collected. All the information we gather and analyze is in compliance with Google Analytics’ TOS

Don’t Want Us to Stalk You?

We can respect that. You’re welcome to opt out through Google’s Privacy Center.