Ordering Hockey Team Jerseys: Options and Recommendations

One of the best things about being on a hockey team is getting a custom jersey. With so many options though, it can be hard to figure out what to order. I had the opportunity to interview Jeff Platek from West Coast Jerseys (one of our sponsors). Jeff has been in the business for awhile and has done good work for many teams over the years. I’ve personally ordered from West Coast and can vouch for their services.

SP: Where can a team get a logo?

WCJ: If you’re using a basic team name, search the internet for numerous sports logo sites. You can change the colors and the wording to fit your needs. Or just get creative if it’s a unique name that means something to your team or where you’re from. Get everybody on the team involved and throw some ideas together and be original.

SP: Why are some jerseys more expensive than others?

WCJ: There are basically two categories of jerseys: practice and game jerseys. Practice jerseys are lightweight polyester are great for single tournament play, an adult or youth league, and are a fairly inexpensive way to get a matching set. Going with a standard set of blank NHL jerseys is a major upgrade. You can customize your logo and numbers to match the color scheme for a professional look. Full custom game weight jerseys come at an expense, but are extremely durable and can be used for multiple seasons. Sublimated jerseys are another option for teams who want to utilize several color combos unique to their team. There are several vendors that can do a single sublimated jersey after the initial order has been made. This is a great option for add-on players during the season as well as fan jerseys.

SP: What printing options are available? What about embroidering?

WCJ: A lot depends on the amount of colors in the logo, and how much the team wants to spend. Screen printing is the most popular due to the price and turn around time. Embroidered twill hockey crests will make your team stand out like the pros, however, cost and time comes into play. Another way to upgrade any jersey is by using a sublimated twill patch. The color opportunities are endless, they are extremely durable, and provide a reasonably-priced alternative.

SP: What other gear should a team consider when ordering jerseys?

WCJ: Matching socks are always a simple upgrade to a set of jerseys, or possibly pant shells. To take it up a notch, custom helmet decal sets will set you apart from the rest. It might be something to consider if you play an extended length season or plan on having the same team for a few seasons.

SP: What else can you put a team logo on besides jerseys?

WCJ: The hockey laced hooded sweatshirt is one of our favorites, hands down. There are several color options on the sweatshirt itself, and you can get an interchangeable lace to match the logo. Getting additional apparel items printed at the same time as your jerseys is an inexpensive way to bring some team unity. It’s also a great way to get some fans involved.

SP: Is there a minimum order to get a team discount?

WCJ: Every retailer and vendor is different, however, price breaks usually start at a dozen. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for a discount. Even if there is no discount on the jersey itself, they can probably give you a package price on player names/numbers and matching socks.


SP: If a team finds a sponsor, what options do they have for incorporating the sponsors logo on their jerseys?

WCJ: There are several locations where you can put a sponsor logo: sleeve, shoulder, tail, chest, name plate area, etc.. The main thing to consider is how much the sponsor is contributing what that is worth to your team.

SP: You’ve made a lot of jerseys for people, what’s been your favorite?

WCJ: Last year we did a custom jersey for the hockey legend Willie O’Ree. He made a guest appearance to drop the puck for a San Diego State hockey game. What an honor to chat with him a bit before he went out on the ice.

You can explore all the many jersey options and other apparel at westcoastjerseys.com. Tell them Schoolyard Puck sent you and you’ll probably get a discount!

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