How to Tape the End of a Hockey Stick

Once you have carefully selected your hockey stick based on flex, length, and blade pattern you are ready to tape your stick. Why tape the end of your stick? There are a few reasons. First and probably most important it keeps the stick from sliding out of your hand.  Some players, myself included, like to put a little knob on the end because it helps the stick fit comfortably into the palm. Another reason to tape the butt end or handle of the stick is to prevent the stick from gnawing a hole in the gloves. There are several methods to tape a stick, but here’s the way I do it.

Note: If the tape leaves sticky residue that clings to your glove, you can always use baby powder or sawdust to smooth it over.


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1 Comment

  1. Sean said on April 16, 2012

    The other big reason to tape the end with a larger knob is so you can easily pick up your stick off the ice.

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