Skating Transitions: Changing Directions

The key to transitioning from skating forwards to skating backwards is to stay low and keep your shoulders square as you pivot on your feet. Learning to transition on rollerblades can be more difficult than ice because of your inability to slide. Transitions must be executed smoothly. If you don’t get your feet around in time and you will find the logo of your chassis pointing in the direction you’re heading, and that is not a good thing! Unlike a shopping cart, your wheels don’t pivot so your feet need to instead. The video below offers further explanation:


  • Stay low in the ready position
  • Square your shoulders where you want to be
  • Turn your head a face the direction you’re going
  • Fully complete your transition
  • Start with the inside edge of your outside foot and transition to the inside edge of the opposite foot


  • Use your hips to twist
  • Hop like you are doing a 180
  • Open your stance too wide
  • Look down at your feet
  • Think about it too much!


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