Confession: What Goes In the Net, Again?

See that guy IN the goal. Yeah, you may need to look again, he’s pretty far back there. That’s me. While trying for the follow-up, I tripped; probably over my own two feet. Although pretending it was someone’s stick makes me feel better. I felt like a cat who just got thrown into quicksand. It seemed like the more I struggled the deeper I got. After what seemed like hours, I finally made my way out.

It was definitely not one of my proudest moments.

I’m sure my team had a good laugh from the bench. I know the opposing goalie had a look on his face that seemed to ask, “Wtf is going on?” Oh well. Sometimes that’s how it goes. Ya know what, though? Besides putting myself in the net that game, I put a puck in there, too. So there.

Have you ever had a not-so-glamorous hockey moment? Tell us about it in the comments.


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  1. Tim said on November 20, 2010

    This is my first year playing beer league – and I'm 53. In a recent game I was coming off the ice and my replacement was coming on. And we skated absolutely dead smack into each other. I fell down. When he returned to the bench after his shift we just sat there and laughed about it. What the hell else could you do?

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