13 Tips for a Penalty Kill

Photo by Dan4th

Penalty kills can shift momentum as much as a power play. Here are some things to keep in mind when you find yourself with fewer men on the ice:

  1. Keep shifts short whenever possible
  2. Take away the middle (Forwards: Your butt should be facing your goalie)
  3. Disrupt the passing lanes
  4. Win the face-off
  5. Clear the puck high off the glass
  6. Spread out the ice
  7. Don’t congregate in front of the net (it isn’t a soccer penalty kick)
  8. Play keep away. Remember: time is on your side
  9. Keep your stick on the ice
  10. Don’t allow opponents in the slot
  11. Sacrifice your body to block a shot
  12. Use only one forechecker
  13. Communicate!
Winning a penalty kill can rally your team and discourage your opponent–and a shorthanded goal can be absolutely demoralizing.
Here’s a good example of the Canucks playing shorthanded:

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