Best Socks to Wear Under Your Hockey Skates

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What do you wear underneath your hockey skates? Some hockey purists say barefoot is the only way. Others swear by women’s knee highs. Then there are players who use a plain old tube sock. What’s best? I’ve tried a variety of setups and I’ll tell you which one works best for me.

After trying on a million pairs of skates, I settled on the Bauer Supreme line. They seemed to fit better than any others. I have flat feet, so the boots didn’t accommodate my arches as well as I’d hoped. To solve this issue I had custom footbeds made. Just when I thought my feet couldn’t have it any better, I wondered if my experience could be improved with a different pair of socks.

Here’s what I tried:

Socks Composition Thickness Comments
Sock Liners Poly/Nylon  I  Wicks moisture well, but not enough cushion. Tried Wigwam Coolmax and Thermax; didn’t notice much of a difference.As close to barefoot you can get. Handwash only was a major con for me.
Dress socks  Cotton/Nylon  I  Sightly thicker than sock liners, but don’t wick moisture as well. Cheap.
Cycling Socks  Poly/Nylon  I Similar to dress socks, but much better at wicking moisture. Tried DeFeet brand which had reinforced heel and toe.
Half-Cushion Compression Socks  Poly/Nylon/Cotton  II Tried Nike Dri-Fit and Feetures brand. Both had elastic in the arch. Nearly identical in performance. Very effective at wicking moisture. Perfect amount of padding.
Wool Hiking Socks  Wool/Nylon  III Good padding, good moisture wicking, but too thick. Used Smartwool brand

The Winner

At $15 for a 3 pack, the Nike Dri-Fit socks were the standout performer. I opted for crew length, which hit just above the tounge of my boot. The Nike socks are labeled for left and right foot, which is a gimmick if you ask me. The Feetures compression socks were almost the same as the Nikes only they were a tad longer and not foot specific. Each sock had an “L” stitched into the side which stands for large. At first I thought they sent me two left feet. My final recommendation: Go with Feetures or Nike,whichever costs less.

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  1. SE said on September 10, 2011

    How’s the thickness of the Nike Dri-Fit’s compared to the Bauer Vapor sock?

  2. Keegan said on September 10, 2011

    I actually never tried the Vapor…I couldn’t justify paying $15 for a pair of socks 🙂

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