Tape A Stick Blade for Roller Hockey

Taping the blade of your stick with cloth hockey tape ensures you will have a solid grip when carrying and shooting the puck. There are many ways to tape your stick blade, but my favorite uses two horizontal strips of wide tape. I’ve been using this method for awhile to tape my sticks and I really like it. Whenever I’ve used a blade with a traditional wrap job it always feels too “clothy” like I’m playing with a sock over the blade or something. Hockey pro Erik Cole explains how he does it. I pretty much do it the same, but without the adhesive spray and it works great–it just doesn’t last as long. I like this taping style for especially for roller hockey because there is no tape on the bottom, so it doesn’t drag on the floor.


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  1. Jeremyinc said on March 24, 2010

    Hey I remeber seeing that video on youtube, it is easy to tape your stick like that when you don't pay for them! The big downfall is that they wear out so quickly, especially with street hockey.

    When I play ball hockey I don't even use any tape because it just adds friction when I try to toe drag.

    Jeremy – How To Hockey

  2. Keegan said on March 25, 2010

    Good point. On the street I don't tape my blades either when using a ball, only when I play indoor RH with a puck.

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